Wells Fargo Minneapolis towers.
Wells Fargo Minneapolis towers.
Our Point of View
June 23, 2017

Wells Fargo’s commitment to Minneapolis

We’re investing in a sustainable and opportunity-rich future for the people and communities that call Minneapolis home.

Minneapolis is a home to us. We’ve been part of this community for nearly 140 years — and with 11,000 of our team members working in the city today, we’re as committed as ever to its future.

Building a sustainable home in Minneapolis

As part of our commitment to the Twin Cities, we completed a major $300 million East Town campus project just last year, creating both a major anchor for downtown jobs and a green, LEED Platinum certified employment hub for 5,000 of our local team members. We also contributed an additional $3 million to The Commons, the 4.2 acres of city-owned green open space next to our East Town property where members of the community and visitors are able to relax and enjoy time outdoors.

Environmental sustainability is one of our core values. As a lending institution and major employer in the city, we are seizing the opportunity to bring that value to life — accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon economy right here in our Minneapolis backyard. We do this within our company, through our community partnerships, and by funding a diverse and forward-looking range of energy companies and projects that we need to meet our country’s energy needs today, and prepare us for a changing energy landscape tomorrow.

Wells Fargo's dual 17-story Minneapolis towers feature revitalized workspaces.
Clockwise from upper right: Wells Fargo’s dual 17-story towers are revitalizing east Minneapolis; The bright, modern work environment features lower workstation panels, open spaces, and areas designed to foster collaboration.

Commitment to environmentally sustainable business

Since 2012, Wells Fargo has invested $70 billion in environmentally sustainable businesses. In 2016 alone, we spent $17.5 billion on renewable energy, energy efficiency, greener buildings, conservation, water management, sustainable transportation, resource-efficient products, sustainable foods, and more. In fact, fully 8 percent of all wind and solar photovoltaic energy projects in the United States last year were owned in whole or in part by Wells Fargo.

In our view, investing in environmental sustainability is a necessary part of preparing for the future. Our Minneapolis grant-giving efforts support climate change education at the University of Minnesota, local bee conservation projects, sustainable farming, environmental education, clean tech innovation, and a Resilient Communities Program partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Supporting the dreams of homeowners and entrepreneurs

The Cox family in Jackson Flats in Minneapolis.
The Cox family enjoys their time at Jackson Flats, a nonprofit Artspace in northeast Minneapolis, financed through a partnership with Wells Fargo.

For many people, owning a home is a lifelong dream. We’re proud of the many roles we play in helping Minneapolis families become homeowners. We open doors to sustainable homeownership in the Twin Cities through special programs, designed hand-in-hand with city leaders, such as our NeighborhoodLIFT® program, where we’ve provided down payment assistance grants to first time homebuyers. We bring our resources and expertise to local community nonprofit developers, like Project for Pride in Living, Aeon, and Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation, helping them to renovate and build affordable housing units. We focus much of our charitable giving on local nonprofit organizations that are leaders in housing issues — from organizations like Catholic Charities that are housing the homeless to the Minnesota Homeownership Center and others who are providing in-depth housing and financial counseling. We’re also building homes with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Our team members give generously of their own resources to these organizations, and many others as well, volunteering their time to make this community thrive.

As a bank, we’re uniquely able to help small business entrepreneurs make their ideas and products a reality, and Minneapolis is one of the best places for us to do that work. We believe in the creative excellence of entrepreneurs and small businesses in this city so much that we lend to nearly 2,000 of them every year. We’re also working with local community groups like NAACP and Minneapolis Urban League to remove barriers for our community’s diverse business owners to take part in bidding on government contracts.

Wells Fargo is proud of our Minneapolis history, the work we do here, and the partnerships we’ve formed in the community. And there’s so much to look forward to on the horizon. We are fully committed to this city and to building a more sustainable and opportunity-rich future for the people who call Minneapolis home.