Our Point of View

Sandra Nudelman: ‘I like leaving things better than I found them’

A Q&A with Sandra Nudelman, the leader of Wells Fargo Consumer Data and Engagement Platforms — an international team of more than 1,000 employees — who is pioneering data solutions that create better customer experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion

Wells Fargo, Spoleto Festival USA share the story of ‘Omar’

The opera, which made its world premiere on May 27, is based on the autobiography of Omar Ibn Said, an enslaved African brought to Charleston, South Carolina, in 1807.

Volunteering & Giving

Wells Fargo employees join 100-mile ride to raise funds for people with disabilities

Cyclists, runners, walkers, and volunteers participated in the Best Buddies Challenge on June 4, raising millions of dollars to support friendships, employment, leadership, and inclusive living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Diversity & Inclusion

Wells Fargo mural honors bravery of Freedom Riders fighting segregation

In 1961, segregation was illegal on interstate public transport, but the law was ignored in the Deep South. A Wells Fargo mural in Birmingham, Alabama, tells the story of the Freedom Riders who put themselves at risk to uphold the law.


Getting the next generation amped up about electric minicycles

Kids ride e-bikes at the Wells Fargo-sponsored KTM Junior Racing Program.

Our Point of View

Craig Moore: ‘You have to have a willingness to roll with the punches’

A Q&A with Craig Moore, senior legal counsel for Wells Fargo Marketing, Brand, and Advertising.

Small Business

Long-term commitment helps small businesses thrive

Where We Live helps small businesses take the next step in Washington, D.C.

Inside the Stagecoach

Growing up with Wells Fargo

Friends, mentors, and leadership opportunities made three generations of the Pereyra family feel at home working at Wells Fargo.


Bill Daley and Mike Santomassimo on Wells Fargo’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Wells Fargo established interim targets for reducing emissions attributable to the company’s financing activities in the Oil & Gas and Power sectors.