Supporting Sustainability

Climate change is one of the most urgent environmental and social issues of our time, and one where the risks of inaction are too great to ignore. Wells Fargo has pledged to align our business activities with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. To get there, we will leverage our expertise and market position at every point in our value chain, and work closely with our customers and other stakeholders to accelerate a just transition to a low-carbon future. Learn more in our Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (PDF).


Investing with conscience to make a difference

Wells Fargo Investment Institute’s “Vision Investing” report discusses values-aligned, impact, and ESG investing trends — and our company’s commitment to sustainability.


‘Climate change is a racial justice issue’

Viewpoints: Underresourced communities need a comprehensive and equitable model to cope with climate change and build thriving, resilient communities, writes Emi Wang, associate director of capacity building for The Greenlining Institute.


600-acre solar farm to power Wells Fargo buildings in North Carolina

A recently announced collaboration with Duke Energy and NextEra Energy Resources represents another step in Wells Fargo’s goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


Helping the Hopi and Navajo Nations build safer homes and resilient communities

Red Feather Development Group provides solar furnaces and other sustainable improvements with support from Wells Fargo.


‘Aligning entire sectors of the economy with climate goals is a complex process’

Viewpoints: During the critical drive toward net zero emissions, collaboration with diverse stakeholders is essential for scaling innovation and deploying clean energy solutions at scale, writes Jules Kortenhorst, CEO of RMI.


Wells Fargo surpasses $10 billion in tax-equity financing of renewable energy projects

Wells Fargo’s Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance group finances utility-scale projects in the wind, solar, and fuel cell sectors.


Here comes the sun: Wells Fargo to install solar panels at nearly 100 retail and corporate locations

Through a combination of rooftop, carport, and ground-mount systems, Wells Fargo will bring clean, solar-powered energy to multiple locations in seven states.


‘Wood for Life’ project provides work, warmth, and well-being

A fuelwood initiative is helping the environment, economy, and tribal communities near Flagstaff, Arizona, with support from Wells Fargo.


‘Without the chance to continuously learn, we can become very good at our jobs while better opportunities pass us by’

Viewpoints: By thinking beyond 18- to 22-year-old students, institutions of higher learning can help power the next wave of sustainable innovation, writes Christopher Boone, dean of Arizona State University’s College of Global Futures.


Accelerated award funding helps cleantech startups maintain momentum during COVID-19

The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator is awarding $900,000 to help clean technology and sustainable agriculture startups retain staff and stay on track to bring environmental solutions to market.


‘Finding creative answers to today’s energy challenges’

Viewpoints: The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is focused on transforming the way the nation and the world use energy, writes Bill Farris, associate laboratory director for Innovation, Partnering, and Outreach at NREL.


Funding a solar revolution

The 1970s energy crisis and a growing environmental movement created the first commercial solar projects in the 1970s, funded by Wells Fargo.


GRID Alternatives: Powering change in communities

Why is free, clean electricity from the sun not available to everyone? GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit in Oakland, California, is working to make solar energy more accessible.

Volunteering & Giving

Wells Fargo’s progress toward its $200 billion sustainable finance commitment

The company has provided $23 billion in its first year of financing sustainable businesses and projects through 2030, according to its 2018 Corporate Responsibility report.


Revitalizing the ‘city of lakes’

Wells Fargo’s environmental stewardship extends across the globe, as India-based team members help rejuvenate the lakes of Bangalore.


Using sunlight to lower bills for low- to moderate-income families

Homeowners in California, including Monica Sirri, will receive solar panels from GRID Alternatives, thanks to a grant from the Wells Fargo Builds℠ program.


Helping to power large-scale operations with iron and saltwater

Energy Storage Systems Inc. is providing safer and longer-lasting batteries at a lower cost and introducing its technology to the world after participating in the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator program.


How one community kept a hurricane at bay

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is restoring coastal wetlands and dune habitats in Florida, thanks to grants from Wells Fargo and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


After date nights in the garden, a farm emerges

It’s a wonder what a few veggies can do for a next-door lot full of weeds, drugs, and crime. Find out how Wells Fargo team member Rene Owczarski and his wife, Monika, got an urban farm approved for their Des Moines, Iowa, community.


Washington, D.C., students learn in a floating classroom

Students from The School Without Walls High School and other schools in the Washington, D.C., area are learning about their local waterways, thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Wells Fargo.


Forget the city. These millennials are ‘rethinking rural’

Organizers in Washington are creating a national network of millennial leaders in rural areas, thanks to support from a nonprofit and Wells Fargo.


Wells Fargo commits $200 billion toward sustainable financing

The company’s pledge is designed to promote the shift to a low-carbon economy. More than $100 billion will go toward financing clean technology and renewable energy projects.


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation — Conservation for today and tomorrow

Chartered by Congress in 1984, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation protects and restores the nation’s fish, wildlife, plants, and habitats — funding conservation projects across the U.S.


Bringing solar power to D.C. apartments

Families living in an affordable housing complex in Washington, D.C., will benefit from upgrades to their homes, thanks to solar energy provided by GRID Alternatives.


The greenest town in oil country

In Georgetown, Texas, residents have seen an evolution now that the city is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.


Making Wells Fargo a ‘greener’ bank in the 1970s

Find out how Wells Fargo’s first recycling program began — and led to decades of sustainability and corporate responsibility.


Helping green technologies grow

Startup companies like Go Electric receive technical assistance and funding as participants in Wells Fargo’s Innovation Incubator program.

Our Point of View

Our commitment to responsible energy lending

Wells Fargo is committed to supporting the transition to a lower-carbon economy, which includes responsibly financing all forms of energy, clean technologies, and energy and resource efficiency.


Bringing light to people across the world

Teachers like Joseph Alter, and their students, are supplying energy to countries without access to electricity, thanks to We Share Solar® Suitcases and support from Wells Fargo.


Wells Fargo global operations now powered by 100 percent renewable energy

By purchasing 2 million megawatt-hours of renewable energy certificates, Wells Fargo has met its commitment to power its global operations with 100 percent renewable energy.


How solar carports can generate energy and save money

Kern High School District in California installed SunPower carport solar systems at 25 of its sites, allowing them to save money and conserve energy, thanks to financing from Wells Fargo.


Solar Spring Break encourages students to give back

Nearly 200 students spent a week giving back and learning about solar power through GRID Alternatives’ Solar Spring Break.


Building with smart technology

A startup in Brooklyn, New York, is able to help architects, developers, and general contractors find and compare windows and doors, thanks to a clean-tech incubator program Wells Fargo supports.


Electric vehicle owners plug into charging at work

Wells Fargo continues to expand its network of electric vehicle charging stations as more team members drive electric vehicles to work.


One step in the journey to clean water

A Boston startup provides villages in India (and elsewhere) with filtration technology to make arsenic-contaminated water fit for consumption.


Teaming up to bring affordable solar power to the people

Thanks to new solar panels made possible by GRID Alternatives and Wells Fargo, a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota has seen her utility bills drop significantly.