A program provides lawn care and snow removal for military families
A program provides lawn care and snow removal for military families
Inside the Stagecoach
August 12, 2014

Supporting military families one lawn at a time

A new Wells Fargo program provides lawn care and snow removal services for team members whose military orders take them (or their spouse or domestic partner) away from home

It started with a conversation between two Wells Fargo team members.

Jeff Chavannes of Home Mortgage — who spent five years as a chemical officer in the Army National Guard, including a deployment to Afghanistan — was chatting with Human Resources’ Pete Delanoit, who asked, “What more could we be doing to help members of the military?”

Jeff replied, “Just helping with mowing the lawn and shoveling snow, while it seems small, could have a huge impact.”

That conversation led to the development of Wells Fargo’s Military Property CareSM program, which provides free lawn mowing and snow removal services for Wells Fargo team members who are placed on military orders for greater than 30 days (or who have a spouse/domestic partner who does so).

“When I was deployed, we had a giant checklist of things to do before I left,” Jeff says. “Unless you’ve been through it, it’s hard to even imagine. I was leaving my wife with our 3-month-old son, so our lawn certainly wasn’t at the top of our long list, but it was always something that I had taken care of, which meant it was one more thing to worry about.

“To have known that it would be handled while I was away would have been a big relief for our family.”

Jeff began to research solutions and the Military Property Care program launched June 30.

“I also hope this inspires others to think about how we can help a family that is experiencing a loved one being away while serving our country. Whether it’s offering to help with their lawn, dropping off a meal, or even sending a card of support, I speak from experience when I say that every little bit helps,” Jeff says.