Homeowners find buying a home is not always a hassle, thanks for Wells Fargo
Homeowners find buying a home is not always a hassle, thanks for Wells Fargo
August 24, 2016

Smoothing out the bumps of homebuying

The desire for homeownership is strong, and so is the perception that making it happen is a hassle. Now that is changing — thanks to a responsive mortgage team and convenient technology.

Deciding to become a homeowner wasn’t hard for Paezlé Harris of Atlanta. As a widow early in life, her mom saved enough to pay cash for a home. And today, all six of her older siblings are homeowners, too. She says, “We came from humble beginnings, but we all kept our focus on what it meant to succeed in life.”

That focus helped Paezlé buy several homes over the years — but, she adds, it has always involved a variety of roadblocks and “hurdles to jump over; it was exasperating.”

Her experience is not uncommon. According to Wells Fargo’s latest “How America Views Homeownership” survey, 86 percent of respondents say owning a home is a “dream come true,” yet nearly 80 percent also say “having to go through the homebuying process is a hassle.”

Wells Fargo is working hard to dispel that misperception, says Michael DeVito, head of mortgage production for Wells Fargo Home Lending. “From technology to highly engaged personal support, we are helping make the road to homebuying smoother than ever,” he says. “We are giving customers as many tools as possible to make homebuying a convenient and fulfilling experience.”

It worked for Paezlé and her fiancé, Grant Turner, who took out a Wells Fargo mortgage on their dream home this summer. (They are planning a wedding for next year.) “This time was different,” Paezlé says. “Everything had to go just right to get the house we wanted, and everything did. I can’t tell you how pleased I am!”

Homeowners find buying a home is not always a hassle, thanks to Wells Fargo.

Technology a popular resource

Paezlé says the process this time was better partly because of Wells Fargo’s yourLoanTrackerSM, an online tool that lets customers use their computers, smartphones, or tablets to electronically perform many mortgage-related tasks. “People do everything online these days,” she says. “So that makes it easier to upload documents and get almost everything done.”

Going online “makes it easier to upload documents and get almost everything done.”

Greg Gwizdz, head of national sales for Wells Fargo Home Lending Production, says yourLoanTracker has become an increasingly popular resource, attracting more than 2 million users since it was introduced in early 2015. “The advent of mobile devices means that consumers want simplicity, clarity, and ease-of-use in almost every aspect of their life,” he says. “Providing online tools gives us an opportunity to meet that demand in the homebuying process.”

Still, people also want the personal touch when buying a home, according to “How America Views Homeownership.” Nearly 90 percent say they want a combination of personal guidance and technology in the mortgage process.

Paezlé credited a team of mortgage support professionals who were essential to her experience, including Home Mortgage Consultant Marc Wulf. Marc says Paezlé’s responsiveness and personality also made the biggest difference in the outcome. “She was very attentive to what was needed and what the next steps were,” he says. “She really made my job quite easy, and the whole thing went smoothly.”

For Paezlé and Grant, buying their home through Wells Fargo was a fitting chapter in their story. The two bumped into each other one morning two years ago in a Wells Fargo store in Atlanta and started dating — 16 years after they first met.

“These are exciting times for us,” she says. “It’s all been so amazing.”