Volunteering & Giving
June 2, 2015

Reaching kids with special needs — through skateboarding!

Going fast, taking risks, having fun: Kids who might not otherwise get these experiences are skateboarding with the help of a nonprofit (started by a Wells Fargo team member) in Sacramento, California.

Nota del editor:  También está disponible una versión en español de esta historia.

“I’ve never seen him this happy in my life,” says Martha Marquez about her 5-year-old son Aaron, as he glides gleefully along on a skateboard.

Aaron, who is on full-time life support and has a tracheostomy, is just one of the children experiencing the joy of skateboarding through SkateMD, a nonprofit that provides skateboarding clinics to children with special needs as well as those who face family or emotional challenges.

SkateMD’s co-founder, Melanie Tillotson, says her experiences volunteering through her full-time job at Wells Fargo helped her “develop the skills and experience that made something like SkateMD possible.”