May 7, 2015

Month of May: It’s time for bikers to put the pedal to the metal

Wells Fargo team members bike to work for fitness and as a “greener” way to commute. Cyclists around the U.S. will take part in the National Bike Challenge, which runs from May 1 to Sept. 30.

Potholes. Bugs in teeth. Cold hands.

Matthew Hart, operations clerk, doesn’t let small things like that bother him as he bikes to work at Wells Fargo’s office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He does it because he loves it, and there are other advantages, too.

I enjoy “the exercise, the smells, and sights you see,” Matthew says. “I’ve enjoyed riding through the city and seeing the different changes of different seasons. It’s a good way to burn calories, as well. … It allows me to be excited and awake and alert by the time I get to work, without having to use my car.”

National Bike Month is celebrated in May, and National Bike to Work Week is May 11–15. The month of May also kicks off the National Bike Challenge, which began on May 1 and will run through Sept. 30. During the National Bike Challenge (Wells Fargo is a sponsor), thousands of people from around the U.S. can sign up for free on the website and record their miles biked to work or during their free time.

“The National Bike Challenge is a time-tested program with huge potential,” says Meghan McCloskey, coordinator of the challenge. “The goal for 2015 is to reach at least 75,000 participants and log 35 million miles. We are thrilled to have Wells Fargo as a part of the challenge to help us reach these goals.”

“Wells Fargo sponsors the National Bike Challenge because it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate its environmental commitment,” says Stephanie Stein of Wells Fargo’s Environmental Affairs team. “Just like many people across the U.S., many team members are avid bike riders, and they look forward to this challenge every year.”

Wells Fargo also supports biking clubs for team members as well as providing facilities, like indoor bike racks, bike lockers, and air pumps, at some of its office locations.

Matthew appreciates the outdoor lockers, which he encouraged his facilities manager to add, as a storage option for his bike.

“It’s a place that is safe, it’s secure, and it’s out of the elements,” Matthew says. And it shows that Wells Fargo supports “their employees being physically active and getting to work on their own human power.”