Small Business

Fashion with a purpose

A Wells Fargo-sponsored fashion show and pop-up boutique in Los Angeles increases economic opportunities for female small business owners.


The golden spike that united the nation

On this day 150 years ago, a crowd gathered in Utah to witness the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad.

Volunteering & Giving

Using all your senses to learn

Students from the National Federation of the Blind’s BELL Academy are learning Braille, banking, and other independent living skills to help prepare them for the future.


The real story behind the Pony Express

Find out how the Pony Express allowed people across the U.S. to hear the latest news and get in touch with friends and family quicker than ever — and why a national crisis made the service essential.


The journey of Wells Fargo’s ‘gems of beauty’

Find out how Wells Fargo’s stagecoaches in 1868 were a “sight never seen before” and how some of those stagecoaches live on today.

Volunteering & Giving

Volunteer ‘blitz’ events make an impact on communities

All over the U.S., Wells Fargo volunteers identify local needs and then come together in a big way to make a lasting impact.

Volunteering & Giving

Jordan River conservation effort flows from trash to triumph

What started as a small cleanup by volunteers grew into the first “Get Into the River” festival to conserve the Jordan River in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley.