This invention could reduce the carbon footprint of old buildings without displacing residents

Two startups that received Wells Fargo Foundation support are fostering new technology with immense potential to modernize buildings and improve people’s lives.


The Bronx development at the intersection of sustainability and affordable housing

Cooper Gardens housing development at St. Barnabas Hospital provides underserved communities with access to fresh produce, solar energy, and a rooftop beehive.


Wells Fargo, Turntide relationship comes full circle with pilot program

California-based sustainability company Turntide participated in the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) program.

Our Point of View

Luhning on sustainability: ‘It must be sustained through generations’

Wells Fargo’s first Chief Sustainability Officer Robyn Luhning discusses themes that have been central to her career and continue to guide her as she leads the company’s sustainability efforts.