Asian American

Diversity & Inclusion

Combating anti-Asian biases with meaningful investments and focused support

Grants plus community works are some of the ways we’re supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities within Wells Fargo and around the country.

Diversity & Inclusion

Elevating the voices of community impact-makers

Socially conscious Wells Fargo APIA scholarship recipients talk about addressing the challenges Asian Americans face.

Small Business

‘Asian American small businesses continue to reel from the weight of the battles they face on two fronts’

Viewpoints: It is essential that we all draw on the lessons of the past year and see them as opportunities for advancement in the future, writes Susan Au Allen, national president and CEO of US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation.

Our Point of View

‘An inflection point for me and so many other Asian Americans’

Cynthia Sugiyama, a senior vice president and head of HR Communications for Wells Fargo, discusses confronting hate against Asian Americans.