Honoring and supporting tribal communities

Wells Fargo celebrates and honors the enduring spirit of resilience and progress of Indigenous people. We are committed to strengthening the long-term financial health and economic growth in Native American and Alaska Native communities to support Indigenous cultures, traditions, and heritage for generations to come.

Diversity & Inclusion

‘We ask our Indigenous allies to help us change the structural and systemic issues facing our Native students and our people’

Viewpoints: The higher education system in the United States fails to serve Native students equitably, and we call on our allies to help bring awareness to these issues, writes Angelique Albert, CEO of the American Indian Graduate Center.

Small Business

‘I was able to focus on the big picture again’

Small business owners like Roxanne Best have been able to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to low-interest loans from Northwest Native Development Fund and a grant from Wells Fargo’s Open for Business Fund.

Volunteering & Giving

Supporting American Indian and Alaska Native students affected by COVID-19

Since 2010, Wells Fargo has donated more than $6.4 million to American Indian Graduate Center to provide scholarships, support, and emergency COVID-19 funding to American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Financial Health

‘Everything starts with place’

Banking support has given Wells Fargo a role in successful Native American and Alaska Native community-building efforts.


‘Wood for Life’ project provides work, warmth, and well-being

A fuelwood initiative is helping the environment, economy, and tribal communities near Flagstaff, Arizona, with support from Wells Fargo.

Diversity & Inclusion

‘Talking about racism isn’t brain surgery — it’s harder’

Viewpoints: Undoing systemic racism in the U.S. means replacing the paradigm that some people matter more than others and lifting up the vision of a human-centered nation, writes Liz La quen náay Medicine Crow, CEO of First Alaskans Institute.

Inside the Stagecoach

Native artwork emphasizes balance, protection, respect, connection

The work of five Native American artists is showcased in new credit and debit card designs.