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Kathleen Llewellyn

Kathleen Llewellyn

Video Producer

I began telling stories with video when I was a teenager and my family would gather annually for family reunions. I loved the way the marriage of sound and image could evoke emotions. I earned my news and field producing stripes as a producer for NBC News Channel. After the arrival of my daughter, I moved to Wells Fargo. I love sharing stories about the many ways our company is making a difference in communities.

Stories from this author

Diversity & Inclusion

‘We’re people who have different abilities, and there’s a lot of talent in this community that is just untapped’

Wells Fargo’s Neurodiversity Program celebrates the range of differences among individuals and provides structure and support to help all employees flourish.

Small Business

A tailor-made grant helps continue a family legacy

JC Lofton Tailors is continuing a family legacy that has been around for almost a century, with the help of a $10,000 grant from Wells Fargo through Local Initiatives Support Corporation.