Diversity & Inclusion

Increasing access to higher education for APIA students

Since 2003, APIA Scholars has worked to fulfill its vision to cultivate academic, personal, and professional success for Asian and Pacific Islander American students.

Small Business

A passion for fashion in the digital marketplace

Alison Grooms has turned her lifelong interest in clothing and design into a flourishing retail company using a business roadmap built on the information highway.


Millennial couple crosses finish line of homeownership

Despite facing years of obstacles, more millennials are beginning to find a clearer path to buying a home.


There’s no place like the home next door

When they were kids, siblings Kenneth and Leah Martinez loved their elderly next-door neighbors like extended family. Years later, they are now the proud owners of the house next door, with help from Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT® program.


A housing lift for those who protect and serve

From firefighters and police officers to veterans, hundreds of first responders across the U.S. have become homeowners with help from Wells Fargo’s NeighborhoodLIFT® program.

Volunteering & Giving

Engineering a better tomorrow

Today, Lily Sooklal is an engineer who designs and develops medical devices that aim to diagnose diseases, but as a student, APIA Scholars helped her on the path to her dreams.


Reaching homebuyers in the age of digital

Erik Gruber spends most of his life in cyberspace, whether editing video or ordering pizza. When it came to buying a house, it was only natural for him to use an online mortgage application.

Financial Health

Love’s milestones: travel, money, and meeting the family

A new Wells Fargo survey shows how millennial couples bond over travel, family, spending habits, and credit card points.

Diversity & Inclusion

When untapped potential meets access to college

College students are working toward their dreams, thanks to the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund and support from Wells Fargo.