How joining a Green Team was ‘life-changing’ for one couple

Erin Gill and Thomas Gill share how joining a Green Team led to their love story — and helped them grow professionally.

Financial Health

Housing nonprofits mobilize to help renters in crisis

During the pandemic, many renters in a financial crunch have received help from housing nonprofits supported by the Wells Fargo Foundation and other philanthropic groups.


‘The noblest human concern is concern for others’

In honor of National Good Neighbor Day on Sept. 28, read stories of how Wells Fargo has helped bring neighbors and their communities together.

Volunteering & Giving

‘A labor of love’ to feed our communities

Wells Fargo has provided more than 153,000 packaged meals for nonprofits around the U.S. to help people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Bringing resolve to meet a homeownership commitment

From the COVID-19 pandemic to soaring unemployment, African Americans face a number of challenges to homebuying this year. Cerita Battles of Wells Fargo discusses the commitment to boost African American homeownership amid adversity.

Diversity & Inclusion

‘Move forward to what is next’

A TED Talk is the latest milestone for Iowan Dean Furness, who credits his Wells Fargo career and other achievements for moving past a 2011 farm accident.

Small Business

Helping hurricane victims from Puerto Rico find jobs in the Midwest

Integrated Staffing Solutions is bringing together people in need of work after Hurricane Maria with Midwestern companies seeking employees, thanks to a Wells Fargo program for diverse small businesses.

Small Business

Inspiring small business owners to dream

Kavir Ramos and other Iowa residents from more than 35 countries are using skills they learned at the Wells Fargo-supported Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit conference to grow their small businesses.

Inside the Stagecoach

Finding camaraderie in post-military life

Lt. Col. Linda Craven shares how she has successfully transitioned to civilian life — and found a supportive culture — while working at Wells Fargo.