Annual Report

Business to Business

Helping translate military skills to business

As a Naval helicopter pilot, Ray Hufnagel was responsible for transporting his fellow service members during military missions. Today, his company Plastic Express safely moves billions of pounds of plastic resin across the U.S. every year, with support from Wells Fargo banker and fellow veteran Jay Hong.

Financial Health

Addressing the needs of unbanked and underbanked communities

Yvonne Green is one of five Bank On fellows working in communities around the country to help people in underserved neighborhoods achieve financial empowerment, thanks to Wells Fargo’s $1 million commitment.

Inside the Stagecoach

From the Air Force to the civilian workforce

Wells Fargo team member and Air Force veteran Chanty Clay uses her experience transitioning to civilian life and Ph.D. to mentor other veterans as they adjust to life after the military.


Propel Card team: Priority on listening to the consumer

By consulting with consumers at every turn, this Wells Fargo credit card team developed an offering with the best value proposition for customers.

Volunteering & Giving

Engineering a better tomorrow

Today, Lily Sooklal is an engineer who designs and develops medical devices that aim to diagnose diseases, but as a student, APIA Scholars helped her on the path to her dreams.

Inside the Stagecoach

Board chair: ‘We are steadfast in our commitment’

In her 2018 letter to shareholders, Board Chair Betsy Duke writes, “The entire board remains excited and optimistic about Wells Fargo.”

Inside the Stagecoach

Video: ‘Excited and optimistic about our road ahead’

In a video for the 2018 Annual Report, Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan and Board Chair Betsy Duke say they’re optimistic about the future.


How a conversation with a banker led to a new home

Darlene Ahmed thought she may have to put her homeownership plans on hold until a series of Wells Fargo financial health conversations cleared the way.

Inside the Stagecoach

CEO: ‘Optimistic as ever about the future’

In his annual letter to shareholders, CEO Tim Sloan writes, “In 2018, we further strengthened the foundation for our road ahead.”