Women in leadership

Diversity & Inclusion

Pairing wine with inclusivity

Robin McBride and Andréa McBride John, half-sisters who led parallel lives on opposite ends of the globe, are overcoming barriers for women and people of color in the wine industry.

Small Business

For women entrepreneurs, a way to Connect to More

The new Connect to MoreSM initiative links women business owners to mentoring, networks, and other support, encouraging them to invest in themselves.

Our Point of View

‘An inflection point for me and so many other Asian Americans’

Cynthia Sugiyama, a senior vice president and head of HR Communications for Wells Fargo, discusses confronting hate against Asian Americans.

Our Point of View

At HBCU, ‘We were embraced, celebrated, and encouraged to achieve’

Gigi Dixon, Wells Fargo’s head of External Engagement, reflects on her time at Tennessee State University and how historically Black colleges and universities continue to empower students to be civic-minded leaders and to take control of their destinies.