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Jessica Pacek

Jessica Pacek


While I’ve always loved telling stories, I realized I was meant to do it professionally after interviewing and writing about people in Ireland on a study abroad trip in 2006. I’ve been fortunate to continue my passion for storytelling as a former print journalist in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina — and by being able to tell Wells Fargo’s great stories today.

Stories from this author

Small Business

Helping Washington, D.C., small business owners make a way during the pandemic

Through its Open for Business Fund and participation in the Paycheck Protection Program, Wells Fargo is continuing to support small businesses in Washington, D.C., with the capital and resources they need to make a way to stay open, day after day.


Helping District of Columbia residents purchase a home of their own

Nonprofits MANNA and Building Bridges Across the River/11th Street Bridge Park are preparing Washington, D.C., residents for homeownership and providing access to affordable homes through the Ward 8 Homebuyers Club, thanks to support from Wells Fargo.

Small Business

“Pude volver a centrarme en el panorama general”

Los propietarios de pequeñas empresas como Roxanne Best han podido mantenerse a flote durante la pandemia de la COVID-19, gracias a los préstamos a bajo interés de Northwest Native Development Fund y a una subvención del Open for Business Fund de Wells Fargo.

Small Business

Ayudamos a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas en California a darle la vuelta a la situación durante la pandemia

A través de su Open for Business Fund y el Programa de protección de pago, Wells Fargo continúa apoyando a las pequeñas empresas en California con el capital y los recursos que necesitan para darle la vuelta a la situación y que permanezcan abiertas, día tras día.

Small Business

A symbol for the small businesses that have ‘made a way’ during the pandemic

Wells Fargo commissioned artists to design commemorative “Open” signs inspired by small businesses the company has supported.

Small Business

A game changer for small businesses

Small business owners like Zhe Scott have received $1,000 grants, technical assistance, and business coaching from the Long Beach Economic Partnership’s Small Business Resiliency Microgrant Program with support from Wells Fargo.

Small Business

Una subvención hecha a medida ayuda a continuar un legado familiar

JC Lofton Tailors continúa un legado familiar que ha existido durante casi un siglo, con la ayuda de una subvención de $10,000 de Wells Fargo a través de Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

Small Business

Helping California small business owners make a way during the pandemic

Through its Open for Business Fund and the Paycheck Protection Program, Wells Fargo is continuing to support small businesses in California with the capital and resources they need to make a way to stay open, day after day.

Small Business

Crear un “mundo virtual de la danza” durante una crisis

Cuando las clases y los programas se vieron interrumpidos por la pandemia de la COVID-19, la Debbie Allen Dance Academy dio un giro y ahora está influenciando virtualmente a personas de todo el mundo, gracias a un préstamo del Programa de protección de pago de Wells Fargo.

Small Business

Ofrecer alivio para pequeñas empresas afectadas por la COVID-19

Con el Open for Business Fund, Wells Fargo apoya a organizaciones sin fines de lucro que brindan capital, asistencia y programas a pequeñas empresas.


How joining a Green Team was ‘life-changing’ for one couple

Erin Gill and Thomas Gill share how joining a Green Team led to their love story — and helped them grow professionally.

Small Business

‘I was able to focus on the big picture again’

Small business owners like Roxanne Best have been able to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to low-interest loans from Northwest Native Development Fund and a grant from Wells Fargo’s Open for Business Fund.

Small Business

Providing ‘a ramp back to success’ for small businesses

The nonprofit MoFi is providing working capital to small businesses through its new Thrive loan program, thanks to a $2.1 million grant from Wells Fargo’s Open for Business Fund.

Financial Health

‘Financial health is foundational to everything we do’ with HBCUs

Wells Fargo’s support of the Society for Financial Education & Professional Development’s Student Ambassador Program increases career opportunities and financial education for students at historically Black colleges and universities.

Small Business

A tailor-made grant helps continue a family legacy

JC Lofton Tailors is continuing a family legacy that has been around for almost a century, with the help of a $10,000 grant from Wells Fargo through Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

Volunteering & Giving

Helping to increase literacy among children in New York City

Since 2018, Wells Fargo has donated $550,000 to United Way of New York City’s ReadNYC program to help increase childhood literacy in low-income areas.

Small Business

Providing relief for small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Through the Open for Business Fund, Wells Fargo is supporting nonprofits that provide needed capital, technical support, and long-term resiliency programs for small businesses.

Volunteering & Giving

BankWork$: Opening doors to careers in the banking industry

Since 2014, Wells Fargo has supported BankWork$, a free, eight-week career training program that prepares young adults from low-income communities for entry-level positions to build meaningful careers in banking.

Volunteering & Giving

Awarding students who are lifting up their communities

Two hundred college students who have made an impact in their communities — and been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — are winners of Wells Fargo’s Student Impact Scholarship.

Financial Health

Keeping people housed during COVID-19

Wells Fargo donated nearly $1.3 million for rental assistance relief and financial coaching for low-income renters in Los Angeles and San Francisco affected economically by COVID-19.

Volunteering & Giving

Supporting American Indian and Alaska Native students affected by COVID-19

Since 2010, Wells Fargo has donated more than $6.4 million to American Indian Graduate Center to provide scholarships, support, and emergency COVID-19 funding to American Indian and Alaska Native undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

Small Business

Supporting small businesses during the holidays

Wells Fargo is encouraging everyone to shop local this holiday season and is deploying more than $50 million from its Open for Business Fund to help small businesses.

Volunteering & Giving

‘Every act of generosity matters’

From acts of kindness to virtual volunteering to donating to charities, Wells Fargo employees kicked off a new year-round approach to service and giving during the Month of Action in September.

Volunteering & Giving

Helping at-risk youth connect to their communities

Since 2017, Wells Fargo has supported the Conservation Corps of Long Beach in connecting young adults to their communities through work, service, education, and conservation.


How Wells Fargo began marching with pride

Wells Fargo is commemorating 30 years of celebration and progress with the LGBTQ+ community

Volunteering & Giving

Cómo un proyecto de investigación y una beca cambiaron la vida de una estudiante

Ana Darielle Núñez es una de 3,326 estudiantes que han recibido becas y recursos del fondo Hispanic Scholarship Fund, una organización sin fines de lucro que, con la ayuda de Wells Fargo, brinda apoyo a estudiantes hispanos estadounidenses.

Diversity & Inclusion

How a research project and a scholarship changed one student’s life

Ana Darielle Nunez is one of 3,326 students who have received scholarships and resources from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, a nonprofit supporting Hispanic American students, with help from Wells Fargo.