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Jennifer Donaldson

Jennifer Donaldson

Video Producer

From a young age, I was full of questions — so I was thrilled to make a career out of sharing the stories I discover. I’ve worked as a television producer for ABC, NBC, and CBS, and I’m excited to produce digital content that shares the many ways Wells Fargo works to enhance communities.

Stories from this author


Medal of Honor recipient finally comes home

Years after returning from war, veteran Clint Romesha finally feels truly at home. He is the first Medal of Honor recipient to receive a mortgage-free home from Wells Fargo and Military Warriors Support Foundation.


Addressing housing affordability in the nation’s capital

As housing prices in Washington, D.C., have skyrocketed, many residents have turned to nearby suburbs to find affordable housing. NeighborhoodLIFT is helping boost their hopes of homeownership.

Small Business

Helping hurricane victims from Puerto Rico find jobs in the Midwest

Integrated Staffing Solutions is bringing together people in need of work after Hurricane Maria with Midwestern companies seeking employees, thanks to a Wells Fargo program for diverse small businesses.

Small Business

Ayudamos a víctimas del huracán en Puerto Rico a encontrar empleos en la región central de EE. UU.

Integrated Staffing Solutions pone en contacto a personas que necesitan trabajo después del huracán María con compañías en la región central de EE. UU. que buscan empleados, gracias a un programa de Wells Fargo para pequeñas empresas de segmentos diversos.

Volunteering & Giving

Rock the Block event revitalizes Philadelphia community

Thousands of Wells Fargo team members participated Sept. 20 in the company’s first Dedicated Day of Service, volunteering in their communities across the world.


La esperanza, la adversidad y el triunfo llevan al aumento de los propietarios de vivienda hispanos

Los hispanos se han convertido en uno de los principales motores del mercado inmobiliario de EE. UU. durante los últimos años; muchos de ellos superan las adversidades gracias a su determinación e ilusión.


Hope, adversity, and triumph lead to increased Hispanic homeownership

Hispanics have become a leading engine for the U.S. housing market in recent years, many of them overcoming adversity through determination and hope.

Small Business

Philadelphia’s funky, eclectic, making-old-things-cool-again shop

With five locations across Philadelphia and more than 60,000 Instagram followers, Mike Supermodel’s variety store Jinxed has cornered the nostalgia market in a modern way.

Volunteering & Giving

A promise kept: Hope SF revitalizes distressed public housing

San Francisco’s Hope SF makes good on its word to revive public housing, increase housing affordability, and change lives — without displacing people along the way.


Millennial couple crosses finish line of homeownership

Despite facing years of obstacles, more millennials are beginning to find a clearer path to buying a home.

Business to Business

Completing a father’s mission

With Wells Fargo’s support, Doug Mellum’s delivery company keeps growing and creating more opportunities to help veterans and honor his dad’s WWII legacy.

Small Business

Inspiramos a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas a soñar

Kavir Ramos y otros residentes de Iowa provenientes de más de 35 países utilizan las habilidades adquiridas durante la conferencia de Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit, que cuenta con el apoyo de Wells Fargo, para hacer crecer sus pequeñas empresas.

Small Business

Inspiring small business owners to dream

Kavir Ramos and other Iowa residents from more than 35 countries are using skills they learned at the Wells Fargo-supported Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit conference to grow their small businesses.

Small Business

From hair brushing to car crushing

After 30 years, Mickey Coffino made the leap from hair salon owner to recycling center CEO, but the loan that made that move possible almost became her undoing until she found Wells Fargo banker Chris Underwood.


Survivors find a calm voice after the storm

Rescued from their flooded home, Andy Cordova and his family survived and recovered from Hurricane Harvey, thanks to inspiring help from disaster specialist Bridgette Fletcher of Wells Fargo.

Small Business

Vegan soul food: Improving health “one chew at a time”

Chef GW Chew’s plant-based meat substitutes are going from restaurant to supermarket with support from a Wells  Fargo diverse small business program.

Financial Health

From survivor to mentor: Veteran shares her journey

Purple Heart recipient Marlene Rodriguez overcame trauma and despair by embracing sports, fitness, and faith. Now she mentors and brings hope to other veterans.

Volunteering & Giving

Scout’s vision: Tiny home for homeless veteran

As part of his pursuit of the Eagle Scout rank, Boy Scout Tim Maron led a two-year effort to build a tiny home for a homeless military veteran — a project realized with the help of Wells Fargo.

Diversity & Inclusion

Bringing a community, and country, together through art

An outdoor art exhibit in Lexington, Kentucky, has transformed the site of a former slave auction into an outdoor museum designed to unify a community.

Volunteering & Giving

Transforming inner-city youth — mind, body, and food literacy

For years, Success Through Self Academy has mentored and enriched the lives of inner-city children. Now the nonprofit looks to harness the transformative power of nutrition.

Small Business

Coser asientos con amor

José Jovet ha perfeccionado su oficio de tapicero durante las últimas cuatro décadas, pero necesitó una visita a su sucursal local de Wells Fargo para ayudar a convertir su pasión en una empresa.

Small Business

Sewing the seats with love

Jose Jovet has mastered the craft of upholstery over the past four decades, but it took a visit to his local Wells Fargo branch to help turn his passion into a business.

Volunteering & Giving

Jimmy Carter and Wells Fargo build ‘hope’ for Habitat homeowners

Sixty-five Wells Fargo team members joined former President Jimmy Carter, former first lady Rosalynn Carter, and other volunteers to build 22 Habitat for Humanity homes in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Business to Business

Making the machines that glue the world together

Tony Hynes started the international company Precision Valve and Automation in his basement in 1992 because he recognized a gap in the durability and design of how products were assembled.


Washington, D.C., students learn in a floating classroom

Students from The School Without Walls High School and other schools in the Washington, D.C., area are learning about their local waterways, thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Wells Fargo.


The 50-year fight for affordable housing in Manhattan

Unlike many real estate investments, in which a developer’s primary focus is on creating value, the $1.5 billion Essex Crossing urban renewal project in Manhattan was designed with a community-based approach.