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My journalism career has taken me across the world, from the snowy banks of Alaska to the Beijing Olympics, and into the homes of Michelin-starred chefs. I love exploring the rhythm of each environment and telling the story of its people and passions. I’m excited to join Wells Fargo and be a part of its story.

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Helping the Hopi and Navajo Nations build safer homes and resilient communities

Red Feather Development Group provides solar furnaces and other sustainable improvements with support from Wells Fargo.

Volunteering & Giving

Helping restaurants stay in business while feeding those in need

Community Kitchens in Oakland, California, buys meals from neighborhood restaurants to donate to local nonprofits.

Diversity & Inclusion

Standing with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities

CEO Charlie Scharf condemns recent violence and xenophobia; pledges continued support for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Business to Business

At Guittard, making chocolate is a sweet family affair

Through earthquakes, fires, and the Great Depression, five generations have continued to craft premium chocolate.

Volunteering & Giving

Helping to provide meals to neighbors in need during the holidays

Wells Fargo is supporting more than 200 food banks this holiday season to help meet the sharp rise in hunger across our communities.

Inside the Stagecoach

‘Many hearts. One community.’

This holiday season, Wells Fargo is proud to support the American Red Cross, Feeding America®, military families, frontline workers, and small businesses — the “heart” of communities nationwide.

Financial Health

Tips for safeguarding against cyberthreats

Cybersecurity awareness is key to protecting customers from social engineering scams.

Financial Health

Fast-tracking stimulus payments to students

After COVID-19 upended life on campus, Stillman College worked quickly to distribute funds to its scattered student population.

Inside the Stagecoach

Graduating and joining Wells Fargo amid a pandemic

After having their senior years and post-graduate studies abruptly shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, new Wells Fargo hires from the class of 2020 share their stories as they start their professional careers.

Volunteering & Giving

Class of 2020: ‘We were built for this’

High school and college graduates share messages of hope and resiliency amid uncertain times.

Diversity & Inclusion

Director Ejecutivo de Wells Fargo: ‘Un momento crucial’

Charlie Scharf anuncia compromisos específicos para fomentar esfuerzos de diversidad en todos los niveles de la compañía.

Diversity & Inclusion

Wells Fargo CEO: ‘A watershed moment’

Charlie Scharf announces specific commitments to advance diversity efforts across all levels of the company.

Business to Business

Cómo proteger su empresa de las amenazas de fraude relacionadas con la COVID-19

Aprenda a reconocer estafas cada vez más comunes y cómo evitarlas.

Business to Business

How to protect your business from COVID-19 fraud threats

Learn to recognize increasingly common scams and how to avoid them.

Financial Health

Cuídese de las estafas de phishing relacionadas con el coronavirus

Proteja su información personal de los ciberdelincuentes.

Financial Health

‘I have a background in cybersecurity … and I still got scammed’

Raising awareness of ‘smishing’ and other social engineering scams is critical as cybertheft evolves.

Volunteering & Giving

Ayudamos a la próxima generación de pilotos a emprender vuelo

Wells Fargo se asocia con Delta Air Lines a fin de crear nuevos caminos para que los estudiantes alcancen sus sueños de aviación.

Volunteering & Giving

Helping the next generation of pilots take flight

Wells Fargo partners with Delta Air Lines to create new pathways for students to achieve aviation dreams.

Inside the Stagecoach

Team member survey results reflect transformation underway

Team members shed light on progress, challenges as Wells Fargo transforms.