June 11, 2015

Zooming ahead! Startups see business accelerate

Whether designing software for persons with hearing impairments or predicting how people use mobile apps, companies that are part of Wells Fargo’s Startup Accelerator are seeing results.

The six-month Startup Accelerator program connects business and tech leaders inside Wells Fargo with early-stage companies that are solving real-world problems.

“Twice per year, we invite innovators to apply for the Startup Accelerator to collaborate on their ideas in areas such as payments, cybersecurity, mobile and others,” says Steve Ellis, head of Wholesale Services at Wells Fargo. “The accelerator gives us an opportunity to get involved and connected with the brightest startups from around the world.”

The three most recent program participants, chosen from 300 worldwide applicants, are:

  • Bracket Computing of Sunnyvale, California, which harnesses the public cloud for enterprise use.
  • Context360 of San Mateo, California, which collects, interprets, and predicts user behavior with mobile apps.
  • MotionSavvy of Rochester, New York, maker of translation software for persons with hearing impairments.

Being part of the Wells Fargo Accelerator program has helped “bring our new technology for helping deaf people communicate to thousands of businesses in America,” says Ryan Hait-Campbell, CEO of MotionSavvy.

Wells Fargo makes direct equity investments of between $50,000 and $500,000 in each startup as well as provides business planning expertise to firms in the program.

Prospects can learn more and apply to the program.