A young entrepreneur found the right business opportunity near his hometown.
Small Business
October 6, 2016

Young entrepreneur builds coffee buzz, and a legacy

For one millennial, finding the right business opportunity meant returning home to run a coffee and tea distribution business.

In his previous job as head of finance at a large corporation, Drew Schiller was familiar with True Brew Coffee and Tea Service, a wholesale distribution business serving western Colorado. When he learned it was for sale, he saw an opportunity to become his own boss.

“I became very interested in the business model, the product they served, and the quality of service provided,” he says.

So Drew left the corporate world, took out an SBA loan with the help of Wells Fargo, and purchased True Brew.

And because he’d grown up in the area, he also had the chance to go home.

“My aspirations really stemmed from my family,” Drew says. “They had been self-employed for most of their lives. That, and the willingness to always want to do things for myself, work hard, and see those things pay off, is what led me to the entrepreneurial world.”

According to a recent Wells Fargo study, 80 percent of millennial small business owners say they hope to grow their businesses over time, potentially even passing them down to their children.

Drew says, “As a millennial, I think a lot about legacy. I want to provide for myself, I want to excel, sink or swim, on my own. And I’m starting to see the fruits of that labor.”