Wells Fargo’s Danny Peltz
Wells Fargo’s Danny Peltz
Diversity & Inclusion
July 12, 2016

Communication key to embracing diverse workforce

Danny Peltz of Wells Fargo’s Wholesale Bank shares his perspective on the importance of creating a diverse workforce.

Diversity at work is about creating an environment that allows for a variety of ideas and perspectives.

As part of the CEO Insider feature on fortune.com, Danny Peltz, head of Treasury Management in Wells Fargo’s Wholesale Bank, shares his thoughts on the importance of building such an environment in the workplace.

And it all centers on communication.

“There’s no use in having a diverse workforce if you aren’t taking advantage of what your employees’ differing experiences can contribute,” writes Danny in his Fortune column. “As leaders, it is our responsibility to appreciate the different perspectives a diverse population brings to the table, and ensure they are understood and supported in the workplace.”

Twice a month, Fortune magazine selects a member of its Fortune 500 Insider Network online community to provide perspective on a current topic. Danny’s article posted on July 7 and includes additional suggestions on how to build and foster a diverse workforce.