Inside the Stagecoach
February 12, 2020

Wells Fargo to continue display-only stagecoach program throughout 2020

Stagecoach events with horses remain on hiatus.

A man walks by a Wells Fargo stagecoach displayed inside a bank branch.

Wells Fargo will continue to serve communities in 2020 with display stagecoach appearances, as it has since events involving horses were paused in February 2019. The company will not participate in horse-drawn stagecoach events in 2020 as it evaluates the future of its Stagecoach Experiences Program.

While plans had been underway to resume horse-drawn stagecoach appearances in second quarter 2020, the combination of operational complexities of moving to an in-house program for horse-related events coupled with evolving business priorities prompted the decision to extend the hiatus on horse-related events while the go-forward program structure is evaluated.

“We are proud of the Stagecoach Experiences Program’s legacy in delighting local communities for more than 60 years, and will continue to bring our brand to life to communities throughout 2020 with our display-only program as we consider future options,” Chief Marketing Officer Jamie Moldafsky said.

She said the stagecoach has been an enduring symbol of Wells Fargo’s brand and legacy of serving customers’ financial needs for more than 160 years.

“As we consider future options,” Moldafsky said, “our primary objective for the Stagecoach Experiences Program is that it is built for the future and meets the highest standards.”