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Food pantry volunteers feed those in need in struggling California town.

Volunteers feed a need in struggling California town

Two Wells Fargo team members responded to the economic downturn in Vallejo, California, by starting a food pantry that serves those struggling in their community.

November 20, 2014

The recession hit Vallejo, California, harder than most places. The city of 118,000 filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011, the first and largest California municipality to do so. Vallejo had lost 40,000 jobs when a Navy base closed.

Benjamin and Mary Ann Buggs, both Wells Fargo team members, responded by starting a food pantry called Faith Food Fridays. Each week, the organization distributes produce, fruit, dry goods, bread, meat, and canned goods.

“I started Faith Food Fridays to help out other people in the community who were struggling,” Benjamin says. More than 1,700 other volunteers have pitched in, he says.

Wells Fargo has celebrated Benjamin’s and Mary Ann’s service to their community with individual Volunteer Service Awards in 2012 and 2014. Each award came with a $10,000 grant to Faith Food Fridays.

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