Volunteering & Giving
June 9, 2015

Teens helping kids (and everyone learns something)

What started as an after-school club is now a student-run nonprofit in Sacramento, California, that gives teenagers the chance to help younger kids — and learn life lessons in the process.

“My goals are to impact the world and give back a lot. So being able to do that at a young age is really amazing for me.”

Those are the words of 18-year-old Gracyn Lewis, a senior at Del Campo High School in a suburb of Sacramento, California.

Students like Gracyn aren’t waiting until after graduation to help the community. They are doing it today through Kids Helping Kids Sacramento — a student-run nonprofit at Del Campo High School dedicated to serving younger students through mentoring and tutoring.

Wells Fargo’s Karen Woodruff volunteers as an adult adviser to the organization, and Wells Fargo also provides financial support.

The organization started in 2012 with 20 students and today involves more than 120.