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New Jersey

Our History
 A black and white photo of Mary Roebling shows her at a desk, looking down, and signing a paper. Several papers are in a pile to the left of the one she's signing. A phone is to the right of her on the desk, and flowers are behind her.

Our History
 A man in a suit is shown holding and looking at three avocados that are opened. There are six unopened avocados on a table next to him. To the right is a Wells Fargo & Co Express logo with a cartoon image of an avocado.

Business to Business
Story Type Indicator - También en español. Goya Foods manufactures and distributes more than 2,500 products.
También en español

Diversity & Inclusion
 Erika Rebstock and 37 other students are attending college this year with help from the Wells Fargo Scholarship Program for People with Disabilities.

Financial Health
Story Type Indicator - perspectives. group of young adults with mobile devices on park bench

Our People
 A New Jersey financial advisor and first responder’s dedication to his community nets the local first aid squad $25,000 from Wells Fargo.

 House hunters Gary and Jaejung Cohen looked relentlessly for the right one and finally landed it, thanks in part to Wells Fargo Home Lending team members.

Small Business
 Little Rockers is a music school for kids

 Homeowners and volunteers teamed up to install solar panels on a home in New Jersey.