‘America can’t afford unaffordable housing’

Wells Fargo leads a national panel on housing affordability and homelessness; author Antwone Fisher’s story puts a personal face on the growing crisis.

Diversity & Inclusion

Wells Fargo CEO honored for connecting students ‘to each other and to their community’

NJ LEEP, a New Jersey nonprofit helping urban young people pursue careers in law, business, and other fields, honored Wells Fargo CEO Allen Parker for promoting diversity in legal education.

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A companywide message from interim CEO and President Allen Parker

Wells Fargo interim CEO and President Allen Parker thanks CEO Tim Sloan and all team members for the ongoing work to transform the company and notes, “I look forward to working with you to continue this progress.”

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A companywide message from CEO Tim Sloan

Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan announces his retirement and notes, “I am very proud of what we have accomplished together.”

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Board chair: ‘We are steadfast in our commitment’

In her 2018 letter to shareholders, Board Chair Betsy Duke writes, “The entire board remains excited and optimistic about Wells Fargo.”

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Video: ‘Excited and optimistic about our road ahead’

In a video for the 2018 Annual Report, Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan and Board Chair Betsy Duke say they’re optimistic about the future.

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CEO: ‘Optimistic as ever about the future’

In his annual letter to shareholders, CEO Tim Sloan writes, “In 2018, we further strengthened the foundation for our road ahead.”

Diversity & Inclusion

Championing a workforce of diverse capabilities

At the 2018 No Barriers Summit, leaders from Wells Fargo and other companies shared how they are making workplaces more diverse and inclusive — and what they hope to see in the future.

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Mandy Norton: Taking a risk to inspire

A sense of adventure brought Mandy Norton from the United Kingdom to the U.S., and eventually to Wells Fargo as its chief risk officer. The mathematician-turned-banker sees opportunity and hope in leading the risk management effort.