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Economic Opportunity
 Alex Gonzalez, wearing glasses and a suit with a red tie, stands in a hangar with Delta airplane in the background.

Volunteering & Giving
Story Type Indicator - viewpoints. A split-screen image shows two women communicating with each other using their computers' camera.

Economic Opportunity
Story Type Indicator - video. Three teenagers and one adult with their backs facing us are walking toward a large house with the letters NACTEC across the entrance. A mountain is in the background.

Diversity & Inclusion
 A group of 17 college-aged men and women pose for a photo in the Minnesota State Capitol building.

Our People
 John Axtell and Rick McCary

Volunteering & Giving
 A young woman, Vanessa Velasquez, wears a maroon shirt, hat, and lanyard while standing in the middle of a football field. She has her arms raised and is smiling. Behind her, part of the football stadium and screen are seen.

Our History
 A black and white image shows a woman in front of a desktop computer screen and keyboard. She is holding a small black object in her right hand to the front of the screen. A man is seen behind a computer in the background.