Helping Iowans become homeowners

Leaders from Wells Fargo and an Iowa lending organization share why Wells Fargo’s recent $4.7 million commitment to Des Moines is so important.

Volunteering & Giving

Nourishing a farming community

Team members in Des Moines, Iowa, feed their community with fresh produce from Wells Fargo’s giving garden.


After date nights in the garden, a farm emerges

It’s a wonder what a few veggies can do for a next-door lot full of weeds, drugs, and crime. Find out how Wells Fargo team member Rene Owczarski and his wife, Monika, got an urban farm approved for their Des Moines, Iowa, community.


From motor banks to mobile banking

Find out how the introduction of motor banks in the 1930s made banking more convenient for customers — and led to future innovations.

Volunteering & Giving

Rolling foundry forges bell to honor veterans

Forged in front of onlookers at a state fair, the Spirit of Iowa Tribute Bell was the fulfillment of several years’ work to honor veterans and raise money for those in need.

Volunteering & Giving

Over 52,000 holiday meals — and counting

People from all over the country, including a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, are making donations to the Wells Fargo Holiday Food Bank, a joint effort with United Way to fight hunger in the U.S.

Volunteering & Giving

Homeless no more: A friendship that turned a life around

The homeless shelter wasn’t David Williams’ rock bottom; it was his springboard to a better life. Today, he’s a Wells Fargo home loan servicer who says a Wells Fargo volunteer helped him turn his life around.

Inside the Stagecoach

Finding their inner strength

Two Wells Fargo team members, both cancer survivors, share how they conquered Mount Kilimanjaro during a trip with the nonprofit Above + Beyond Cancer.


Wells Fargo in song

A Wells Fargo historian shares the company’s connection to the Broadway hit “The Music Man.”