How horses have been the ‘pride of Wells Fargo service’

Whether delivering mail and money to customers or starring in the Stagecoach Appearance Program, Wells Fargo’s horses have always been well-fed, well-cared for, and well-loved.

Volunteering & Giving

Volunteers score a goal for Chicago nonprofits

Wells Fargo and MLS WORKS, Major League Soccer’s community outreach initiative, teamed up to help six nonprofits in Chicago — host of the 2017 MLS All-Star Game.

Business to Business

How a seating manufacturer is getting its employees off their butts

Thanks to a $10 million facility expansion, Freedman Seating not only has the space it needs to continue to grow, it also has a workout facility that’s providing employees a way to get into shape and get to know each other better.

Business to Business

Making products today for tomorrow’s travelers

Through a commitment to product innovation and employee empowerment, Travelon produces and sells more than 400 products designed to help make travel easier and safer.

Volunteering & Giving

Where rough streets rule, revitalization now resides

Wells Fargo is joining residents and community groups in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood to improve economic stability, underperforming schools, and access to affordable health care.

Volunteering & Giving

Renovations breathe new life into homes and communities

On a street just west of Chicago, the sound of drills and hammers means a home is being renovated before sale — creating ‘a sense of positive excitement.’

Volunteering & Giving

Student art enhances space on walls as well as love for craft

On display: 24 pieces of art created by high school students now grace three office building lobbies in suburban Chicago.