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Business to Business

A sweet tradition for Lunar New Year

With three million pieces of Almond Roca® produced daily leading up to Lunar New Year, the holidays aren’t over yet for candymaker Brown & Haley.


Customers find ways to use Zelle in the holiday season

More consumers are using Zelle to send money as a gift to friends and family members during the holidays.

Small Business

Helping hurricane victims from Puerto Rico find jobs in the Midwest

Integrated Staffing Solutions is bringing together people in need of work after Hurricane Maria with Midwestern companies seeking employees, thanks to a Wells Fargo program for diverse small businesses.

Inside the Stagecoach

Rescue dog takes its owner to the bank

Jennifer Rigney found happiness through a pint-size pet with an underbite and a new banking career at Wells Fargo.


Hope, adversity, and triumph lead to increased Hispanic homeownership

Hispanics have become a leading engine for the U.S. housing market in recent years, many of them overcoming adversity through determination and hope.


Wells Fargo’s long history of serving Spanish-speaking customers

Since the 1800s, when Wells Fargo offered in-language services and hired Spanish-speaking team members, the company has strived to best serve its Hispanic customers.

Financial Health

8 financial tips for weathering disaster

Take it from a man who lost it all in Hurricane Katrina: Preparation pays off. Wells Fargo offers tips for those impacted by a natural disaster.


How Wells Fargo used secret codes to do business

In the 1800s, the telegraph allowed Wells Fargo to do business and help customers transfer money. To secure messages and minimize risk, the company used a system of encryption with secret codes.

Business to Business

Playing the right cards to build a kingdom

Brothers John and Damon Morris built Card Kingdom into one of the world’s largest online retailers and authorized sellers of Magic: The Gathering&trade card games. Now they’re expanding their network of board game cafés where gamers can play and meet.