Financial Health

Love’s milestones: travel, money, and meeting the family

A new Wells Fargo survey shows how millennial couples bond over travel, family, spending habits, and credit card points.

Financial Health

5 tips for maximizing your credit card rewards this holiday season

From earning welcome bonuses to redeeming your points for charitable donations, credit card users have a variety of ways to get the most from their card rewards during the holidays.


New Propel Card to offer enhanced, industry-leading rewards, no annual fee

Wells Fargo is enriching the rewards of its no-annual-fee Propel Card, providing more value for customers’ everyday purchases.


Opening the door to homeownership

Athena Emerson, who became a first-time homeowner late in life, is “the perfect example” of Wells Fargo’s efforts to boost African American homeownership.


The 50-year fight for affordable housing in Manhattan

Unlike many real estate investments, in which a developer’s primary focus is on creating value, the $1.5 billion Essex Crossing urban renewal project in Manhattan was designed with a community-based approach.

Business to Business

For UK dairy farmers, ‘cooperation’ is a key ingredient

With four creameries and more than 1,000 dairy farms, First Milk — the U.K.’s only 100 percent farmer-owned co-op — is proving there’s strength in numbers.


Former homeowners boomerang to second act

After losing their home during the Great Recession, an Atlanta couple persevered through financial adversity, rebuilt their lives, and became “comeback homeowners” earlier this year.

Financial Health

‘I can feel that I’m making an impact’

More than 2,600 Wells Fargo team members provided financial education for American Banker Association®’s Teach Children to Save program.

Financial Health

10 ways for college graduates to build a financial future

Preparing for life after college? Consider these tips for getting started on the right foot financially.