Inside the Stagecoach

Pets deliver healing during the pandemic blues

More people have turned to pets for companionship during COVID-19, bolstering the health care benefits of “pet therapy.”


Accelerated award funding helps cleantech startups maintain momentum during COVID-19

The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator is awarding $900,000 to help clean technology and sustainable agriculture startups retain staff and stay on track to bring environmental solutions to market.

Inside the Stagecoach

Inside the Stagecoach

Rescue dog takes its owner to the bank

Jennifer Rigney found happiness through a pint-size pet with an underbite and a new banking career at Wells Fargo.

Inside the Stagecoach

Building for the future: Wells Fargo updates popular Stagecoach Experiences Program

The beloved program featuring horse-drawn stagecoaches returns to communities nationwide in second quarter 2020.

Small Business

A source for affordable capital to aid small business growth

California Capital and other Community Development Financial Institutions in low-income communities across the U.S. serve as an economic lifeline for local residents and small businesses in need of financing.


For homebuyers, pets matter

National Association of Realtors and other research shows more homebuyers than ever are seeking properties that meet the needs of their pets, and the number is continuing to rise.

Inside the Stagecoach

Wells Fargo Stagecoach Experiences Program on temporary hiatus

Popular community program undergoing review, expected to return in 90 days.


The real story behind the Pony Express

Find out how the Pony Express allowed people across the U.S. to hear the latest news and get in touch with friends and family quicker than ever — and why a national crisis made the service essential.