Financial Health

Program helps Native Americans buy a home, enhance financial acumen

Nika Saunders, a U.S. National Guardsman and mother of three, purchased her first home in Anchorage, Alaska, thanks to support from the Cook Inlet Lending Center and Wells Fargo.

Financial Health

‘Everything starts with place’

Banking support has given Wells Fargo a role in successful Native American and Alaska Native community-building efforts.

Diversity & Inclusion

‘Talking about racism isn’t brain surgery — it’s harder’

Viewpoints: Undoing systemic racism in the U.S. means replacing the paradigm that some people matter more than others and lifting up the vision of a human-centered nation, writes Liz La quen náay Medicine Crow, CEO of First Alaskans Institute.

Volunteering & Giving

Teaching job skills to rural Alaskan teens

In one of the most remote areas in North America, the Northwestern Alaska Career and Technical Center is equipping teens with the education and skills they need to thrive.


How Wells Fargo helps to preserve Alaskan heritage

Wells Fargo’s Alaska Heritage Museum in Anchorage has more than 6,000 Alaska Native artifacts, thanks to efforts to keep them in their place of origin.

Volunteering & Giving

It’s a boat! It’s a plane! It’s a Wells Fargo banker!

Wells Fargo's Nili Sundown travels thousands of miles each year — via plane, boat, and even snowmobile — to ensure her customers have the financial resources they need to survive the wilderness of rural Alaska.

Volunteering & Giving

Warriors take their final expedition as a team

Members of the 2017 No Barriers Warriors to Summits team faced grizzly bears, sleet, and other difficult conditions as they embarked on their final expedition together.

Volunteering & Giving

When life gives you lemons, start your own business

Find out how creating a lemonade stand teaches kids about profit-making goals, serving customers, repaying investors — and giving back to their communities.

Volunteering & Giving

Overcoming barriers together: The 2017 Warriors to Summits team

Meet some of the members of the 2017 No Barriers Warriors to Summits team. The team recently completed their second training expedition together.