Inside the Stagecoach
October 6, 2015

Surprise! Stagecoach gift rolls into anniversary celebration

The Nortons of Peyton, Colorado, are longtime Wells Fargo customers — and received a handmade stagecoach model to mark 60 years of marriage.

With family gathered round, Irv and Maryann Norton unwrapped the large box on their dining room table and got a surprise for their 60th wedding anniversary: a “thank you” letter and gift from Wells Fargo, their bank since 1978.

“I can’t believe it,” says Irv of Peyton, Colorado. He and his wife received a handmade Wells Fargo “Museum Exclusives” stagecoach model and a letter from Frank Newman, Wells Fargo’s lead region president for the Rocky Mountain Region.

“Wells Fargo went above and beyond,” Irv says. “I started with Wells Fargo with a mortgage at my first house in Oregon, and I’ve been well taken care of ever since as we moved on to Cottonwood, Arizona, and now Peyton. Whenever I’ve had a question, the people at the banking stores have served us well. When I acquired several rental houses, the bank was right there with me and helped me set up accounts for each one. This gift and letter just cement the relationship to me.”

Cherri Norton watches Irv and Maryann open their Wells Fargo stagecoach gift
Maryann Norton is surprised to unwrap a Wells Fargo stagecoach model gift
Irv and Maryann Norton's collection of Wells Fargo items
Irv and Maryann Norton on the Wells Fargo stagecoach
Cherri looks on as Irv and Maryann open the mystery gift received for their 60th wedding anniversary.
Surprise! It’s a Wells Fargo stagecoach “Museum Exclusives” model.
The stagecoach is now in the prime spot on Irv’s desk.
The Nortons’ collection includes this photo taken during a Stagecoach Appearance Program event in Colorado.

Frank says, “One of the best things about leading Wells Fargo in Colorado is hearing from our customers. Irv and Maryann have quite the story — growing up on farms across the road from each other, and going on to have a 60-year marriage that they celebrated at ages 81 and 78.”

Irv’s daughter-in-law, Cherri Norton, read the letter aloud to anniversary guests. In it, Frank wrote, “At Wells Fargo, we know the power of relationships and have been working together with our customers in Colorado to meet their financial needs since 1866. We’re proud to have you both as customers since 1978 as well as so many of your family and friends in the room today.”

The decision to surprise the Nortons with a stagecoach gift came after learning they had collected several Wells Fargo items over the years. A lifelong fan of the Old West and Wells Fargo, Irv says his Wells Fargo collectibles grew to feature plush ponies, a cookie jar, banks, and a stagecoach computer screensaver.

“The cookie jar was my pride and joy until this stagecoach came along,” Irv says. “Several of my neighbors have come by to admire the handmade model. It’s on my desk where I have all the other memorabilia. It’s just so authentic, and I love the leather straps, the door handles, and all the other details.”

Cherri set the gift in motion when she mentioned the anniversary to Personal Banker Jason Warrick at her banking store in Castle Rock, Colorado.

“I told Jason we’d love to honor them with something ‘big’ to do with Wells Fargo since they’re such big fans,” Cherri says. “For years, Irv would stop by the bank in Cottonwood to have a cup of coffee and talk to the tellers, who all fell in love with him!”

Concludes Warrick, “I’m glad we were able to be a part of Irv and Maryann’s special day and help this ‘Wells Fargo’ family celebrate such a special milestone. The stagecoach model was a great way to say ‘thank you’ for their trust in us and congratulate them on the legacy of love and relationships they’ve built over time.”