Wells Fargo is committed to supporting communities in the Los Angeles area.
Wells Fargo is committed to supporting communities in the Los Angeles area.
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August 11, 2017

Supporting the ‘neighborhoods where we live and work’: Los Angeles spotlight

Wells Fargo is committed to supporting communities in the Los Angeles area.

One of Wells Fargo’s six company goals is to make every community where it does business better because it is there. Through products and services, culture and operations, and philanthropy, the company remains committed to building a more diverse and inclusive culture for team members and customers. This commitment is especially true in the Los Angeles area, where Wells Fargo has a history of supporting diverse small-business owners; after-school programs; the Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, African American, and LGBT communities; environmental organizations; and other local causes.

“Diverse communities play a vital role in Los Angeles in so many ways,” said Gregg Sherkin, senior manager of Community Relations for Wells Fargo in Los Angeles. “Supporting nonprofits and charitable causes that specifically provide programs and resources to underserved populations in the Los Angeles community is a critical piece of the work Wells Fargo does to support the local neighborhoods where we live and work.”

In 2016, Wells Fargo contributed $17.9 million to 1,258 Los Angeles-area nonprofits, educational programs, and schools, including $5.2 million to 230 organizations specifically serving the Latino community, Sherkin said.

One of the nonprofits Wells Fargo has supported for years through volunteerism and financial donations is GRID Alternatives, a national organization based in California. The nonprofit provides renewable energy and job training to underserved communities through programs like Solar Spring Break and Tribal Solarthon, and has installed more than 1,300 solar electric systems and trained 4,500 people across Greater Los Angeles.

GRID Alternatives offers opportunities for low-income homeowners to receive renewable energy, while training a generation of workers in the solar power industry. (3 minutes)

Another nonprofit Wells Fargo supports is Living Independently For Eternity (L.I.F.E.), an after-school program based in Los Angeles County, California, that prepares and equips youth — particularly those in foster homes — to become successful, live independently, and be productive citizens of society.

“Supporting these and other nonprofits is a win-win for everyone involved,” Sherkin said. “We’ve had a long-standing presence in Los Angeles, and we look forward to continuing these relationships so we can grow together.”