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October 15, 2015

Suh-weeet! Time was ripe for peach farm to grow its business

Titan Farms in South Carolina updates its packing operation to bring tastier peaches — and more of them — to its customers.

Cut into a ripe peach right off the tree and you’ll understand what’s behind the passion of farmers in rural South Carolina. The largest peach producer on the East Coast, the state produced more than 65,000 tons of peaches in 2014.

At Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, peaches are a way of life.

“We grow 56 varieties of peaches,” says owner Chalmers Carr, “to be able to ship and produce peaches for 16 weeks.”

A $6.5 million renovation to its packing operation, financed by Wells Fargo, allowed the company to upgrade its food safety and overall output.

Now more than 1 million peaches roll through the plant every day during harvest.

Additionally, Wells Fargo recently granted $150,000 to Clemson University to support research and the development of tools to address Armillaria root rot, a disease that could significantly harm U.S. peach production.