Business to Business
November 13, 2014

Risky business now less risky: Software provides safe shipment of valuables

Wells Fargo Insurance works with a company called TransGuardian to insure high-value packages — and ensure they are delivered safely.

Provide peace of mind when shipping diamonds and other high-value packages: That’s what Wells Fargo Insurance and TransGuardian have paired up to do.

“TransGuardian is a cloud-based software that allows shippers to determine the best way to ship something and insure it,” says Jim Moseley, TransGuardian CEO. “Because our software mitigates risk, it ensures that valuable merchandise actually gets to its destination, which improves customer service.” TransGuradian is the name of the company and of its software.

That high-value merchandise includes diamonds, other gems, and jewelry.

The TransGuardian software is unique, Jim says, because it tracks parcels throughout the entire shipping process — scouring for red flags that could indicate tampering, damage, fraud, or even attempted theft. Then the software alerts those on-site to investigate further. Customers shipping high-value items can choose any carrier. The insurance value isn’t reported to the carrier, however, but rather only to Wells Fargo. The entire system provides an added layer of security.

Lisa Kroger Eitani of Kroger Gems in Los Angeles says, “It provides peace of mind to drop a package off, know that it’s being sent, know that it’s insured, and know that it will be received intact.”

The service is one facet of Wells Fargo’s legacy of transporting valuables safely, a tradition that dates back to the company’s founding in 1852 as a financial services company by Henry Wells and William G. Fargo.

“In the 21st century, technology enables us to not have to ride horses anymore, but we’re able to apply that same approach to customer service. We’re once again protecting high-value parcels as they travel through the global mail,” says Michael Fitzpatrick of Wells Fargo Insurance.