Two rotating images, the first shows one of Bangalore's revitalized lakes with city buildings in the background and the other shows a large bird resting on a piece of wood that juts out of the lake water.
Working with United Way Bangalore over the last several years, Wells Fargo team members have helped clean and revitalize the city's lakes and surrounding natural areas.
May 13, 2019

Revitalizing the ‘city of lakes’

Wells Fargo’s environmental stewardship extends across the globe, as India-based team members help rejuvenate the lakes of Bangalore.

For the past decade, United Way Bangalore’s Wake the Lake project has focused on revitalizing the lakes of India’s third most populous city. The proactive effort to improve the condition of the city’s waterways was necessary to curtail the damage and pollution that ongoing urban development has had on these fragile ecosystems. Before the project began, Bangalore — once known as the ‘city of lakes’ — had seen its number of lakes decline from 51 in 1985 to just 17 today.

Wells Fargo team members, including Amrita Roy, have volunteered with United Way Bangalore's Wake the Lake program to improve their city's lakes and natural areas. (3:07)

Fortunately, United Way’s grassroots effort has improved the conditions of many of the remaining lakes around Bangalore — most recently with the support of Wells Fargo’s India-based Enterprise Global Services team members.

“Wells Fargo’s support was extremely important for us. We had a lot of volunteers coming to us from Wells Fargo in the last four years,” said Manish Michael, head of United Way India. “Around 9,000 saplings we’ve planted, and those saplings have grown more than five feet today.”

With the young trees and fauna beginning to flourish, the birds and insects are returning, along with the local residents, as they can once again enjoy the natural lake setting and take pride in their improved community.

Men, women, and children walk along a lakeside trail.
Bangalore's residents can now enjoy their rejuvenated lakes for family and recreational activities.