June 5, 2014

Pinole mural brings community’s history to life

A mural in the local Wells Fargo banking store pays homage to the history, and people, of a Bay-area California town.

Wells Fargo’s Community Mural Program places colorful, customized history murals in many of its community banking stores.

One example: Pinole, a Northern California town with a distinctive history. The mural tells the town’s story from its beginning as a gold-rush homestead through its role as a dynamite producer.

Wells Fargo has created more than 2,000 murals in stores nationwide since 2001, each developed with the assistance of local museums and historical societies.

“No one else has a mural program like ours,” says Beth Currie of Wells Fargo. “We’re dedicated to creating custom, historical artwork that respects a community’s legacy, celebrates its diversity, and honors the past upon which the community was founded.”