Small Business
December 16, 2014

Perfecting a common construction tool leads to a thriving business

An Idaho entrepreneur turned his innovation into Franklin Sensors, a company that employs 45 people and delivers stud finders across the world.

A background in engineering — and frustration with available stud finders — drove David Dorrough down the path of entrepreneurship.

“About five years ago I was trying to install some shelves and … I was very unhappy with how the stud finder worked,” David says. “With my background in electrical engineering I had a concept of how to make it better.”

Five years later, the Boise, Idaho, business owner’s company, Franklin Sensors, employs 45 people to provide its Prosensor 710 stud finder to stores in the U.S. and overseas. As demand for his product grew, David realized he needed outside funding to maintain enough inventory.

In stepped Wells Fargo and Business Banker Flip Kleffner, who recommended a Small Business Administration revolving line of credit.

“Franklin Sensors is such a great entrepreneurial example,” says Flip. “You’ve got a guy with a great idea, who perfected it, and turned it into a thriving business, and now created jobs for the community.”

Watch the video to hear more about David’s business and his employees.