Inside the Stagecoach
January 20, 2016

Note to selfie: Museums encourage visitors to share

Wells Fargo’s 11 history museums invite visitors to take selfies on international Museum Selfie Day Jan. 20 — and share via social media.

Wells Fargo is encouraging visitors to take selfies while enjoying their favorite exhibits and collections at all of the company’s history museums on Jan. 20.

For the second year, all 11 of the museums are participating in Museum Selfie Day, created by London mom Mar Dixon, who runs a website about cultural attractions.

The worldwide internet event invites visitors, curators, and museum managers to snap photos of themselves in front of their favorite collections and share them on social media.

Patrick Wittwer, who manages the Wells Fargo History Museum in Philadelphia, heard about #MuseumSelfie Day last January and suggested all the museums participate. Signs were posted, and Digital Marketing Consultant Jennifer Heyman of Wells Fargo’s Social Media team shared the news.

After scores of photos and comments were posted on Wells Fargo’s Facebook page, using the company’s @wellsfargo Twitter handle and #museumselfie and #wfmuseum hashtags, Patrick says the company decided to expand the effort in 2016 to Twitter and Instagram.

“We’re always looking for new ways to engage our audience, so participating in Museum Selfie Day was an easy call and quite the hit with our visitors,” Patrick says. “Social media events like these are a great way to bring awareness to the shared history Wells Fargo has with our communities. They also help us boost awareness of all the other museums and cultural attractions people can take advantage of in their communities.”

Wells Fargo’s history museums collectively welcomed 700,000 visitors in 2015 to set a new record in museum attendance. The company’s 12th museum is expected to open autumn 2016 in the Financial Center building at 666 Walnut St. in Des Moines, Iowa.