#MyUntold video trailer
#MyUntold video trailer
Diversity & Inclusion
October 6, 2014

MyUntold: Sharing the ‘untold stories’ of African Americans

Wells Fargo is honoring the untold stories and celebrating the rich heritage of African Americans through our new #MyUntold social storytelling movement.

A new Wells Fargo social media movement called #MyUntold honors the African American experience.

Wells Fargo is celebrating the rich heritage of African Americans through our new #MyUntold social storytelling movement.

We are honoring the “untold stories” of the community by creating a platform for them to share the moving experiences that helped shape their perspective of what it means to be African American today.

#MyUntold launched with a series of stories available on the Wells Fargo YouTube page.

You’ll hear the story of a man’s momentous conversation with a civil rights leader. One young woman tells how she began to see beyond race because of her experience in the military. A taekwondo champion shares how her experience in the sport made her feel strong and accomplished.

We recorded the stories of more than a hundred people. They are everyday stories and extraordinary stories. They are important to our collective history – present and future – and they are important to us.

They are important because Wells Fargo’s commitment to diversity is in our company’s roots. An instruction booklet distributed to Wells Fargo agents back in 1888 noted, “Proper respect must be shown to all — let them be men, women, or children, rich or poor, white or black — it must not be forgotten that the Company is dependent on these same people for its business.”

We understand the value of highlighting stories that add to the fabric of the African American experience, and therefore, the broader American experience.

#MyUntold serves as a platform to share these stories — the defining moments — that represent what it means to be African American. It is a way to acknowledge that those stories are a part of history, and an avenue to promote dialogue around the experiences and contributions of African Americans.

We hope you will join that dialogue. What is your untold story? Share your story on social media in video, pictures, or words by using #MyUntold. Invite your friends and family members to share their stories by using the hashtag as well.

These are stories that should be told. It is our honor to help make sure that they are.