Wells Fargo CEO Allen Parker, right, helps sort food donations at Minnie’s Food Pantry in Plano, Texas, with Cheryl Jackson, left, the founder of the nonprofit. (3:10)
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June 27, 2019

Minnie’s Food Pantry: A source for food, hope, and encouragement

Wells Fargo CEO Allen Parker visits a North Texas food pantry that has served people in need for more than a decade.

Every week, from Wednesday through Saturday, a beacon of hope called Minnie’s Food Pantry opens its doors in Plano, Texas, to provide food for those in need.

It has been that way since Cheryl “Action” Jackson founded the pantry in 2008, in honor of her late mother, Minnie Ewing. And, 11 years later, the pantry has provided more than 9 million meals to anyone willing to make the trip to its North Texas location, feeding more than 60,000 individuals annually.

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“Minnie’s Food Pantry’s mission is to provide healthy meals and a red carpet treatment to every person who walks through our doors,” said Jackson. “The face of the hungry is not how we once knew it — it is not just the homeless. It is the mother with three kids, paying for daycare and only making $12 an hour. Those are the people who walk into Minnie’s; they are fighting, fighting to just take care of the people they love.”

To further support this mission and help eliminate hunger in the communities Minnie’s Food Pantry serves, Wells Fargo CEO Allen Parker stopped by recently to volunteer and announce a $200,000 cash donation to the organization.

Several people joined Parker for the June 19 visit, including Mary Mack, head of Community Banking at Wells Fargo, and a group of Wells Fargo team members. Together, they spent several hours helping serve the day’s clients.

“Wells Fargo recognizes and champions organizations like Minnie’s Food Pantry that go above and beyond to help lift up our neighbors and strengthen our communities,” said Parker. “We share this problem-solving mindset in how Wells Fargo’s philanthropic mission seeks to pave a path to stability and financial success for individuals, families, and underserved communities.”

Jackson originally invited Parker to visit Minnie’s during the 2019 Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting on April 24 in Dallas. At the meeting, Jackson also talked about the support the bank has provided her organization, which includes more than $100,000 in grant funding since 2013 and monthly volunteering at the food pantry by local Wells Fargo team members.

Cheryl “Action” Jackson founded Minnie’s Pantry in 2008 in honor of her mother, Minnie Ewing. Eleven years later, the pantry has provided more than 9 million meals at its North Texas location. (3:54)

“She invited me to come here, and I promised her that I would,” Parker said of Jackson. “I felt her energy and her passion for this community, and I also understood her dedication to supporting those in need. We’re proud to make a contribution of $200,000 to Minnie’s, and I have absolutely no doubt that they’ll put this money to good use.”

The $200,000 Wells Fargo donation, which will help Minnie’s with a move to a new building and additional programming, adds to previous support that Wells Fargo has provided to the nonprofit organization. The donation demonstrates the company’s continued focus on strategic giving to help meet local needs while also working to address housing affordability, financial health, and small business growth as part of the recently-announced philanthropy strategy.

“As a voice for the issue of hunger, my job is to make sure that I can get the attention of people who care and people who can actually make a difference,” said Jackson. “This generous gift from Wells Fargo will do just that. Not only will it help pay for our new building, we can cover the costs of Minnie’s many programs — feeding children during the summer months, delivering meals to seniors who can’t visit the pantry, and ensuring everyone in our community can enjoy their Thanksgiving with a healthy and hearty meal.”

A man in a red Wells Fargo Volunteers t-shirt smiles as he greets a client at Minnie's Food Pantry.
Taylor Goodman, a Wells Fargo Community Banking district manager in Texas, volunteers with other local team members at Minnie's Food Pantry.