Inside the Stagecoach
October 8, 2015

Light the night with a pumpkin carving template of a stagecoach

Illuminate your driveway or porch this fall with a stagecoach-themed jack-o’-lantern.

Get in the spirit of the season with our printable pumpkin carving template (PDF) to carve your own stagecoach jack-o’-lantern.

Here are some tips:

Pumpkin carving template
Pumpkin with insides scraped out
Using the template to trace the design
Pumpkin carving
Complete stagecoach jack-o’-lantern
Print and then cut out the template design.
Get a large pumpkin, clean it with warm water, and let it dry.
Carve out the top (or bottom) of your pumpkin and scrape out the inside.
Trace the design on the pumpkin with a marker.
Start carving: Begin at the bottom of the stagecoach, with the smallest feature, and work your way up. Use toothpicks to help hold up smaller pieces if they need some help.
Place a votive candle or flashlight inside your pumpkin.

“The iconic image of the stagecoach is a symbol of Wells Fargo’s heritage and values,” says Beverly Smith, head of Wells Fargo Historical Services. “It will forever live in our company history.”

Special thanks to Keith Williams and Connie Ledgerwood, who were instrumental in creating the stagecoach template, carving the Jack-o’-lantern, and capturing the photographs.