Chase Lin, a participant in the program, said,
Chase Lin, a participant in the program, said,
Diversity & Inclusion
January 24, 2018

Learn how to succeed after college with free webinar series

Wells Fargo’s 2018 Beyond College webinar series begins Jan. 25 with a program that explores the difference between mentors and sponsors, and examines their roles in personal and professional growth.

Chase Lin doesn’t feel alone pursuing his financial services career dream. Wells Fargo’s Beyond College webinar series, he said, provided the financial and career advice needed to land an internship with the company’s Wealth and Investment Management business last summer, and to help him develop other career-building skills. The series resumes 4 p.m. Eastern time, Jan. 25, with the “Leveraging mentors and sponsors” webinar taught by Wells Fargo enterprise talent planning leader Simone Gooden.

Simone Gooden
Simone Gooden will teach the “Leveraging mentors and sponsors” webinar Jan. 25.

“Coming from a lower income background, I recognize everyone doesn’t have the same access to resources or experiences,” said Lin, a junior at New York University’s Stern School of Business. “Through Wells Fargo, the free webinars have provided access to knowledge such as writing resumes and building a leadership brand that I otherwise wouldn’t have had as a first-generation college student who doesn’t really have anyone else at home to guide me.

“I would highly recommend the Beyond College series to other students.”

Among the questions Gooden said her upcoming webinar will answer:

  • What’s the difference between a sponsor and a mentor?
  • How can they help you achieve your life goals?

“Many people don’t know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and it’s important to know the different ways they can impact your life and career,” said Gooden, who partners with Wells Fargo’s Wealth and Investment Management business, and Enterprise Finance & Information Technology group to identify and develop talent. She also leads the team responsible for defining how Well Fargo leverages mentoring to support team members’ career and development planning.

The Jan. 25 webinar is the first of 12 in Wells Fargo’s 2018 Beyond College free series designed to provide the money management and personal development skills college students need to prepare for and succeed at life after college. More than 4,400 students from over 330 colleges and universities have participated in the 60- to 90-minute webinars since Wells Fargo launched the series in 2015.

“I’m excited about kicking off the series,” Gooden said. “I believe that our world — and Wells Fargo — needs leaders who are more aware of their passions, strength, and talents, and who are intentional about how they leverage them, and their relationships, to solve problems and create opportunities in a way that leaves a legacy for others to follow.”

The webinar series builds on Wells Fargo’s effort to increase academic and professional opportunities for diverse students and communities with groups like the American Indian Graduate Center, the Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Point Foundation, Scholarship America, the National Urban League, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the Rainbow Push Coalition, UNCF, and UnidosUS.

Topics include resume building, interview preparation, personal branding, building credit, managing debt, evaluating job offers, and planning for second degrees.

To register or hear a replay of any program, see the full Beyond College webinar schedule at Wells Fargo’s College Connection website.