Rosa Rocha stands next to an outdoor mural. At right:
Rosa Rocha stands next to an outdoor mural. At right:
Our Point of View
April 7, 2022

How a nonlinear path can lead to the ideal job

Rosa Rocha says her skills, education, work experience, and ability to speak five languages helped her land a job responding to commentary on Wells Fargo’s social media channels.

If you have ever commented on a Wells Fargo social media post, you may have received a response from Rosa Rocha. Rocha is part of the global Response Marketing team, responsible for monitoring and responding to commentary across Wells Fargo’s social media channels. The role is a unique combination of brand ambassador, community manager, and front line of social media at Wells Fargo.

As part of the Philippines team, Rocha was working in IT when the social media role became available. Ironically, she learned of the role via social media. Rocha said she really likes that the job is a mix of some of her strongest skills, combined with her education and work experience. Working with social media tools, she leverages her IT background and Spanish fluency to support a wide variety of campaigns. “I am most proud of leading the engagement plan for the credit card and checking campaigns, which were very complex,” Rocha said. “I gained a lot of great experience from supporting those.”

Rocha’s Communications degree helps with creating comprehensive engagement plans for all social media campaigns, and she is motivated by excellence, ensuring that everything that goes out is of high quality. 

A constant learner, she speaks five languages: Tagalog, Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese. She plans to learn Italian next. Rocha leads the Spanish language engagement for our online communities, supporting the brand by interacting with our social audiences. In fact, her favorite part of the job is moderation, where she has a unique perspective to understand what the community is saying, identifying issues they raise, and providing data-driven customer insights and perspectives back to the business partners. 

Like most of us, life changed for Rocha with the pandemic. While reacting to the changes, she took time to reflect on her work/life balance. This is often challenging in social media, since there is activity 24/7, but Rocha said she has found her balance.

You may think that someone must have a social media background to work in a social media role at such a large, matrixed organization, but Rocha’s path wasn’t linear. “It’s OK to have an organic career path and try different experiences,” she said. “You never know where it will lead.”

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