March 22, 2023

Hot takeaways from South By Southwest

Wells Fargo’s Chintan Mehta shares what he’s hearing at the festival for all things music, technology, and more.

What tech trends are all the talk at South By Southwest (SXSW)?

Chintan Mehta, Wells Fargo’s chief information officer and head of Digital Technology & Innovation, along with members from the Technology team, attended the music, film, and technology festival in Austin, Texas, to talk about one of the latest innovations: quantum computing.

As part of SXSW Interactive (SXSWi), innovators across all industries — from medicine to apparel manufacturing — are in the same rooms to share the newest and next ideas taking shape.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, dominated most tech conversations — from start-up communities emerging in the Midwest to chatbots and rocket science, all roads led back to AI. Conversations centered around moving the needle toward AI adoption, and there was a consensus that AI (more broadly machine learning) is the next wave toward digital transformation across various sectors. Within the tech sector, much of discussion revolved around building and enabling hardware infrastructure to accelerate and simplify compute and storage capabilities while being energy efficient.

“It was exciting to see that the AI hype cycle is being met with reality to ensure we take a holistic look at the technologies and their adoption prior to large scale out in nascent domains,” said Swarup Pogalur, head of Digital and AI-ML Capabilities Engineering for Wells Fargo. “Comprehensive AI technology platform and capabilities will be a key enabler to accelerate and enhance digital experiences and engagement.”

Check out the video for what Mehta is taking away from SXSW.