June 1, 2022

Getting the next generation amped up about electric minicycles

Kids ride e-bikes at the Wells Fargo-sponsored KTM Junior Racing Program.

Any seasoned supercross enthusiast braces themselves for the roar when the announcer booms, “Riders, start your engines!”

“The thing about electric bikes is they're very, very simple and easy to ride,” said Robert Pearce, vice president of operations at KTM North America. “There's basically zero maintenance.”

Because there’s no clutch.

No fuel.

No air filters.

No oil.

No sound.

But at the KTM Junior Supercross, all you’ll hear is this:

That’s the whirr of e-bikes. And the racers are 7- and 8-year-olds.

KTM takes it even a step further. “We are totally off the grid. Our motorcycles are charged by a podium charger, which is charged by our semi-trailer, which is totally solar,” Pearce said. “All you do is charge the bikes, and the kids could go out and have a great time anywhere within their neighborhood.”

Or at an arena on the same track as professional supercross riders. Since 2020, Wells Fargo has been a supporting partner of the KTM Junior Racing Program, which showcases the talents of more than 3,000 7- and 8-year-old riders worldwide – racing electric minicycles.

“It feels good to know that it doesn’t harm the environment.” — Rider Finn McCabe, age 8

Wells Fargo has been providing KTM with expertise and financing solutions for over two decades to help KTM grow and manage their inventory — and to promote the sport of motorcycling and bring youth into racing. KTM’s line of e-bikes shares a similar goal as Wells Fargo’s commitment of achieving net-zero emissions in the next three decades.

A young boy stands next to a line of electric minicycles. He is wearing racing gear and his arms are folded.
KTM Junior Supercross rider Finn McCabe next to his electric minicycle.

“My favorite thing about racing is going on the finish line jump because everybody's cheering,” said Finn McCabe, age 8. When asked his position on racing e-bikes, he noted, “it feels good to know that it doesn't harm the environment.”

“I grew up in this industry, in this sport, and this atmosphere,” said Finn’s stepdad Kevin Markwardt, himself a former professional racer. “This is every kid’s dream to be able to race here with this equipment and this kind of support.”

“I think electric bikes are the future, and I'm very excited that these guys get to try them out and help with the environment as well,” he said.

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