Melissa Warner was able to buy a new home with the help of Wells Fargo
Melissa Warner was able to buy a new home with the help of Wells Fargo
June 30, 2015

For this mother and son, home is where the stairway is

Buying a home seemed out of reach for this single mom in Virginia — until she chose to work one-on-one with Wells Fargo.

“Mommy, I can jump two stairs at a time!” Rarely have such words of childish rambunctiousness caused a mother so much joy.

But Melissa Warner of Winchester, Virginia, takes great pleasure in those words of her 9-year-old son Bond.

Melissa, a single mother, wasn’t always confident she was in a financial position to buy a home. But last year when Bond asked her for a house — with stairs — she knew she had to at least try. So she walked into her local Wells Fargo banking store and was referred by phone to Mortgage Consultant Rick Maines.

While she’d worked hard to repair her credit, she still wasn’t sure homeownership was within reach. She called Rick to discuss the pros and cons of buying and whether she should wait. “He genuinely listened to me over the phone,” she says.

Then she visited the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage office in Winchester and met Rick. “The process was intimidating, but it felt great to know Rick was there for me and understood everything I had gone through to get to this point,” she says. “Rick never left a question unanswered — from the application to the appraisal, underwriting, home inspection, homeowners insurance, and everything in between. He listened while I cried tears of uncertainty, questioned the unknown, and finally cried tears of joy when he called and said, ‘We are clear to close.’ ”

Today, Melissa says she loves it when Bond hollers down the stairs, “Mommy, I can look over our whole backyard from my bedroom window!”